Oct. 13, 2021

How To Leverage How Little Facebook Has Done For Your Podcast

Despite the excitement about the Facebook Podcast updates for late 2021, they will do nothing to help your Podcast. But, you can leverage what they've done for the sake of your Podcast.  The Medium article about Facebook Consumption -

Despite the excitement about the Facebook Podcast updates for late 2021, they will do nothing to help your Podcast.

But, you can leverage what they've done for the sake of your Podcast. 

The Medium article about Facebook Consumption - https://medium.com/@PaulColligan/want-your-audience-to-actually-consume-your-content-give-podcasting-a-second-look-or-listen-da9678f9100a?source=friends_link&sk=dadfcda4ad9ba691f450c7b2f036b62d


It's a story. It's. If anything, it's a sitcom trope. Dad buys mom a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Dad buys mom something for the kitchen, something. For Christmas. He tried to be "a good husband." He's not being a good husband. He's buying something for himself and he's wrapping it up in a way that yeah we all know what's going on here.

The fact of the matter is that approach is the exact same thing with what Facebook is doing right now with podcasting. We're getting near the end of 2021. And Facebook has integrated some interesting podcast implementations inside. Instead of Facebook and what's interesting is it looks good. It's attractive.

It's something that I would I would appreciate if you will. But the fact of the matter is it's not that good. And the fact of the matter is just like the vacuum cleaner. It's not for the podcaster. It's not for really the audience it's for Facebook. Realize that Facebook does what is good for Facebook.

Work. What does that mean? We'll chat about that now. Three types of people listening to the podcast right now, those of you who already subscriber to the podcast report. Thank you. These first couple of seconds will be redundant. But when we get later on in the episode, it will actually be worth it. So hang in there.

Some of you who are watching this live on Facebook or on any of the social media platforms. Welcome. Good to have you on. This is going to be fun. Some of them. Hopefully in theory, it strategically possibly are listening to this through the new Facebook podcast app. And you're the ones that I want to speak to specifically.

Now, if you're listening to the podcast app, we're about three minutes into this or less into this, and you are about ready to leave because that's about how much time you spent. At Facebook, if you head out to the podcast report.com/facebook, 2021, you'll see an article we did about how long people stay, even for video, even for moving things you're about to leave.

And what I want to do is I'm going to tell you, go ahead and leave Facebook. I don't care. But what I do want you to do is I want you to subscribe to the podcast report and the podcast report is wherever you get your podcasts, or you can go to the podcast, report.com and click on any of those links. Now he's suited there.

We'll chat about this in a second. Okay. Back to the podcast. The podcast report.com forward slash Facebook 2021. We'll have commentary on this and we'll have the ability for the links to be chat about the medium article that discuss anything that I come up in this free form rant or rambling.

If you were the, what the, so what, and the, now what Facebook's. Promising this for awhile, they've integrated podcasting right into currently only the Facebook app. It's attractive. It's good looking and you can't listen to podcasts inside of Facebook. Apparently there's some sharing and there's some clipping and there's some other things that you can do inside of Facebook.

And the idea here, the concept here is that as people are doing their Facebook experience, we know that most people are on. So that's why it starts on the app. As people are doing their Facebook experience on the app, what is going on is they're now going to consume your podcast. That is for lack of a better explanation.

You know what? What's in it for you, but the SOA

it's not. To work people don't stay on Facebook to listen to audio. Nobody is going to click inside of the Facebook app, listen to the audio, go, oh, this is good. And keep it going. Yes. If you scroll through, it goes down to the bottom, but the amount of time spent on the Facebook app is pretty minimal Facebook, as If you play with Facebook at all, as a quick hit, you dive in to get something up, a picture of somebody new baby, or a shout out to something or a review or who was the latest restaurant.

You'd go in. You go out. That's the way Facebook works. You're not in Facebook for the long-term and because you're not on Facebook for the longterm, you are going to be Hanging up on podcast episodes before they're done lately, the podcast report I've been trying to do about 10 minutes long. Most of you inside of Facebook who grabbed this, you're going to hang up even more of you who do the video version of this are going to hang up.

We need to chat about that. Now that hanging up, that's not just a feeling, that's not a gut reaction. That is some work that we've done. And go ahead and take a look at it. You've got any videos inside of Facebook. Just go ahead and look at how long they stay. Actually had one person that I worked with on this who told me that they were quoting.

Killing it on Facebook yet, if we looked at the average time of consumption, the average percentage of consumption for somebody who was quote unquote killing, it was 0% now they had thousands and thousands of views, but it was people coming in really quickly. And then getting out people coming in really quickly and getting out that's what is happening inside Facebook.

So the, now what the issue here is now they're going to see your podcast. Inside of Facebook, they're going to be reminded of your podcast inside of Facebook. And they are going to many times feel like they've listened to enough of your episode inside of Facebook for it to be worth it. And they don't have to listen to the whole thing.

This is going to do some damage to this. Constant problems. If you remember at the beginning of this episode, and if you're watching this live on whatever streaming platform and Matt, go ahead and click your wine and get to the beginning of this. I told everybody to. Go ahead and subscribe. When somebody listens to the first couple of minutes, at the best, really the first 30 seconds you want to tell them that this is available somewhere else, or a lot of people who I'm among them on Facebook, reluctantly,  have to, it's where I check in.

I was chatting on one of my Podcast or slack groups this morning. And, everybody was lamenting about the fact that they're only on Facebook because they have to be. And I think that is a number of us. I know that as a number of us and that's going to be a large percentage of your audience as well.

So what you want to do is you want to leverage Facebook to remind people that your podcast is out there in the past. We've chatted about how. You might want to think about your podcast is like Pandora people do that. Thumbs up, thumbs down kind of thing. And you only really get that first five seconds to make an impression on the podcast.

It's going to be the same thing. If anything, it's going to be more important in the side of Facebook. If they stay inside of Facebook, listening to podcasts, you're never going to get more than 30 seconds at a pop. You're not going to get out your message. You're not going to give your audience what they need.

If you get them to go from Facebook to something else, then you're going to be at a good place. And you're going to have to tell them. You're going to have to give them a reason to that. You're gonna have to give them a benefit for doing that. And then once they realize they have that, you are good to go.

I would hit that reality about one out of every four episodes because the amount of podcasts is going to come from it is pretty minimal, but the amount of people that are in it, you can't deny the numbers of. So called this title, how to leverage a little Facebook has done for your podcast. You didn't want this, you didn't ask for this.

You can't necessarily use it just like mom with the vacuum cleaner at Christmas, but you can now leverage the fact that Facebook is going to ping people on a fairly regular basis. Your podcast. And if you get them to leave Facebook and consume your podcasts on a traditional podcasting platform, you will do well.

If you think that, you know the downloads and word's still out, we don't even know how the downloads are going to count from Facebook. And it is Facebook cashing. It is Facebook doing things we don't really even know to this point. But if you count on Facebook to get this done, if you count on Facebook to build your audience, to be counted, fixed, but to do these things, it's not going.

I remember Facebook is in the business of selling your competition or selling your audience to your competition. YouTube is in the business of selling your audience to your competition. Instagram is in the business of selling your audience to your competition. Isn't the businesses selling iPhones, Android, that whole world, you can make different things of that, but you want to get them to pick up, you want to get them to move and you want to use Facebook kind of bringing up the topic as the leverage for that to happen.

That has been an episode of the podcast report. You can find the notes and everything at the podcast. report.com forward slash. Facebook 2021, because it's the latest that Facebook has done in 2021, all do the links, that medium article, where we talked about the numbers and we will go from there. If you have been watching this on any of the streaming platforms I'm playing with restream today recently put myself out at YouTube.

I haven't done that for a while. Put myself out at LinkedIn and that kind of thing. I think it's going to be interesting to see what happens and we will go from there. So again, No good for your podcast, but leverage the dings to get people to jump over podcast. Have a great one. We'll chat next week.

Bye now.