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Awesome! đź‘Ź

Found this podcast because of the episode with Benjamin Hardy, #1 writer on Medium. There were so many actionable tips for repurposing podcast content on Medium and for doing it well. I’ve also listened to a bunch of other episodes too. Great stuff.

To the point

Very interesting and useful information. Thank you!

Paul is the real thing

Like Coca-Cola is the real thing - so is Paul. I met him at a live event and realized he knows more about podcasts than I could ever imagine. I wish I had found him the first year of my show.. but glad I listen now

Calling all podcasters!

Just came across this show. It's great! Come on podcasters, leave a review for this lively, informative host! Looking forward to diving into all of the episodes!

I love it

I love this podcast. It delivers me real information that I can actually use.

Love it!

I love listening to Paul Colligan! He is a master at podcasting and I always learn something! He makes it interesting and fun, yet keeps it all simple and direct. Always thought provoking! Thank you, Paul!!

Love the straight talk

I love how Paul's no-nonsense approach to sharing informaiton about podcasting. There's no fluff and no complicated jargon. If you want clear, insightful information from someone who is a true exprt in the topic this is the show for you.

Honest and Straight Forward

Paul informs podcasters with an honest and straight forward tone. He is to the point in every episode and creates content that is easy to understand while maintaining the usefulness of the information he conveys. This is a great show for any podcaster out there. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, this show has something for you!

Great job Paul

Great topics broken down just right and easy to understand

A great podcast for podcasters

I really enjoy listening to Paul’s straight forward thoughts and insights on podcasting! Jessica Rhodes


I'm only two episodes in and I've found great value in this podcast. I've also registered to attend Podcast Movement 2015.

Unreal good-simple, non-technobabble, clear,actionable

I can't believe how good this podcast is. I've learned more in a week of commuting with this podcast than hours of reading and googling. Paul cuts straight to "this works, this doesn't." Simple, elegant. If you are thinking of podcasting, subscribe NOW!

My goto source in the Podcast world!

The Podcast Report is my reliable source in what's truly important in the podcasting! Paul is a great host!

The Podcasters' Podcast

Paul Colligan is a master at delivering podcasting content of interest to podcasters and wanna be podcasters. He is a sane voice in a world of hype around the future of podcasting. Because Paul has been at in podcasting from the beginning, his thoughtful comments provide the listener with both a historical perspective and many ideas on how to chart the future course of your podcast's future. Subscribe to "The Podcast Report" and you will not be disappointed with the information and guidance he provides.


Thanks Paul! You're the go-to guy for podcasting, the expert the experts turn to.

Tony Robbins Of Podcasting!

I love the energy and how so much valuable information is squeezed into such a short amount of time. Sometimes I have to listen to the episodes twice, no joke. I love this show!

Paul's Report

Of course this is great podcast for podcasters operating at any level - but on top of that Paul successfully delivers his information in a fast/efficient approach that I envy!

Great show!

Rob from libsyn told me to say happy birthday in the last episode I listened to!! Happy late Birthday!! I love the show, really helps me with my new podcast! Keep up the great work!

Lovin' the news!

I love podcasting! So it's only natural that I love a podcast about podcasting like the Podcast Report. Paul brings history, controversy, and deeper thoughts about this new industry. Great stuff Paul!

No nonsense, useful info for the Podcaster

I’ve been following Paul’s thoughts on Podcasting since the beginning. He is always insightful and with this Podcast he’s bringing us all up to date and, at least in my case, really making me think through my Podcast strategy. Well done as always Paul!

I like Paul’s Energy!

Paul’s energy and enthusiasm for podcasting is infectious. A great show with a great concept…getting better at podcasting and keeping visibility on industry trends. Well done.

Paul is on Fire!

I love listening to Paul talk about the trends in Podacasting. I really enjoy the full content and the tips I receive from this podcast report. Mobile is where it is at, and Paul knows how to give me all the knowledge I need on the current information for podcasts. Thanks Paul.