Jan. 11, 2019

Podcast Strategies For Pandora - The Podcast Report Episode #150

If you have no plan for Podcast discovery, don’t complain if your Podcast isn’t discovered. Pandora just might be able to help with that.  Even if it doesn't, you still need to pay attention.   Shownotes links, conversation and...

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Jan. 7, 2019

Beast Mode And More - The Podcast Report InbetweenISode

What is "beast mode" and why does it matter for Podcasting? This special "InbetweeniSode" of The Podcast Report (we'll get a better name soon) is an unofficial launch of Season 6 and the beginning test of something great.  Original Broadcast On...

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July 6, 2018

The Podcast Authority Paradox - The Podcast Report Episode #149

Because nobody “owns” Podcasting, everyone acts like they do. It's what I call the "Authority Paradox" of Podcasting and it's having a big impact on our industry. Original Facebook Live Video - GET YOUR SHOW FEATURED ON EPISODE 150 As per the...

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June 19, 2018

What Does The New Google Podcast App Mean For Podcasters? - The Podcast Report Episode #148

Google (finally) released their Podcast App.  While, initially, it doesn't feel like much, us Podcasters are (always) in need of some perspective. Links: Google's New Podcast App -  My 10 Year Old Google Tech Talk -  The Pacific...

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April 20, 2018

How To Be A Better Podcast Interviewer / Closing Up Season 5

Want to be a better podcast interviewer?  Here are a few (freeing) thoughts on the process - and a free worksheet normally reserved for my clients.  Grab The Worksheet: Text - “interviewhacks” to (503) 966-8066 Links Mentioned: ...

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March 31, 2018

Should You Publish Your Podcast To YouTube? - The Podcast Report

Is my audience on YouTube? Are podcast listeners listening to content on YouTube? A lot of people ask if you should put your podcast on YouTube. There are many people who will do a deep dive telling you reasons why you shouldn’t put your podcast on...

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March 22, 2018

Is There Room for Another Podcast? with Joel Comm - The Podcast Report

Joel Comm is here today to chat with me about if there is room for another podcast. He has a new podcast that is less than nine months old, yet he is having amazing success. This is because Joel is delivering content that his audience is hungry for....

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March 15, 2018

Thoughts On The Infinite Dial 2018 Report - The Podcast Report

Every year, Edison does their infinite dial study. This is a study that focuses on the entire theme of audio. This is not only a study of podcasting, it's a study of all Internet audio and how it all fits together. Every year, when you look at the...

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March 8, 2018

Should I Attend This Podcasting Event? - The Podcast Report

I just got back from Social Media Marketing 2018. After looking at my very full calendar, I have to ask myself the question of are attending these events right for me. I have some ideas and takeaways about whether to attend a podcasting event or not....

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March 2, 2018

More Thoughts On Podcast Tracking - And A Few Thoughts On Intimacy - The Podcast Report

What kind of relationship do you want with your audience? This is going to be a shorter episode, but it is a really important one. If we can make podcasting an intimacy game, the game will change forever. The profit will go up, and the impact we’re...

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Feb. 22, 2018

How to Make Your Podcast A Medium Article - The Podcast Report

Benjamin Hardy the #1 writer on Medium is here today. It makes sense to put your written content where people already are. I've always said making people come to your blog in the world of syndication, publication, subscription, and podcasting is a...

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Feb. 15, 2018

How To Get Your Podcast On Spotify - The Podcast Report

Spotify is a hot topic. I chat about Spotify and its relationship to podcasts on today's show. This month, I am heading out to Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. It's an amazing event, and I will have a recording of my panel in a future...

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Feb. 8, 2018

The Podcast Guest Problem - The Podcast Report

A lot of people believe that a podcast must be an interview. This is an interesting problem. This episode is an interview, but that is not always the case. People are paying tons of cash to get guests for their podcasts. Some of these guests turn out...

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Feb. 1, 2018

3 Massive Benefits Of Business Podcasting - The Podcast Report

I just got back from attending Allison Maslan's Business Blast Off Event in Las Vegas. Allison Maslan is a client, a friend, and a female business juggernaut. I was able to speak at her event this weekend about podcasting. What's neat is that it...

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Jan. 25, 2018

Erica Mandy, The Newsworthy, What Comes Next In Podcasting? - The Podcast Report

Erica Mandy is the host and content producer of theNewsWorthy a Monday through Friday podcast that shares fast, fair, and fun news you need in less than 10 minutes. She used her background in journalism combined with curiosity about what...

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Jan. 18, 2018

A Podcasters Review Of Podcon - The Podcast Report

In 2010, I attended a little conference called . The purpose was to bring content producers and audiences together. I went and was blown away. One of my first thoughts was when is PodCon going to happen.  happened last year in...

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Jan. 11, 2018

Driving Your Podcast to the Top of the iTunes Charts (VidSummit 2017 Presentation)

There is a lot to say about the VidSummit event. I can’t say it all here. When I went in 2016, I didn’t expect it to be as great as it was. 2016 was amazing. Then I was asked to come back and present in 2017, and that presentation is today’s...

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Jan. 4, 2018

Podcast Predictions: Looking Ahead to 2018 - The Podcast Report

It’s always fun to close up the end of the year with a podcast prediction show. We will look at last year's predictions and what actually happened. We will also take a look ahead and predict what is coming up in the world of podcasting. Tip of the...

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Dec. 21, 2017

Renee Wang - The Podcast Report

Renee Wang the founder and CEO of CastBox is here to talk about how CastBox connects users with podcasts, radio, audio books, talk shows and more in one app. This episode will be an interesting look into some of the opportunities in the podcast space....

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Dec. 14, 2017

Jennifer Briney - The Podcast Report

Jennifer Briney is profiting from bitcoin and more, and she is making the same amount of money regardless of what her stats say. I was introduced to Jennifer Briney by Adam Curry at a previous Podcast Movement. I liked her and what she was doing. I...

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Dec. 7, 2017

Collecting Email Addresses From Your Podcast - The Podcast Report

Everyone is talking about building email lists and setting up funnels. Today, we talk about how to build an email list through your podcast and how to set up a simple funnel. We are also launching the . You may have seen this last week when I gave you...

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Dec. 1, 2017

What Do The Changes To The iOS 11 Podcasts App Mean To Podcasters? - The Podcast Report

Here's a quick catch up. Podcast Movement 2017 was fantastic, and I'm looking forward to Podcast Movement 2018. The new Apple podcast app is out along with iOS11, the new iPhone X, and the Apple Watch 3 that I can make calls on. In this episode, I'll...

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May 31, 2017

Closing Down For A Summer Hiatus (See You At Podcast Movement) - The Podcast Report

We're closing up shop here at The Podcast Partnership on Season 4 of The Podcast Report.  Season 5 will be back soon with a new format, new style, new website - and, of course, an explanation of why we've done it all. Covered in this...

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May 24, 2017

Marketing To Podcasters Versus Marketing To Your Audience - The Podcast Report

The next step in podcasting's growth is in the marketing of our shows, not to podcast consumers but, in fact, our real audience. The final episode of Season 4 covers 7 truths about your future podcast audience that have immediate implications on what...

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